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    Daily Paper Prompt #44: Leaf Prints

    Paint a leaf with heavy body acrylics, fluid acrylics, craft acrylics or block printing ink. Place a piece of heavy cardstock on top of the leaf and press gently without moving the paper. You can also "roll" over the paper with a dry brayer to get the imprint. This is {seriously} messy, so prep your table with newspaper before you get started. You can try this with your kiddos too. Try imprinting on painted paper or scrapbook paper. The spark for this idea was originally at Project Based Homeschooling.

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    Daily Paper Prompt #43: Brainstorm!


    Creative Things to Do in 15 Minutes.

    Two brainstormy mind-mappish sorts of lists to ponder. The prompt is to brainstorm about something and document your ideas in a creative fashion. You could use hand-lettered text, scribbles, fruit stickers, photos, anything you wish, but get your thoughts out of your jumbled mind onto a safe spot like a piece of paper! These lists were created in response to one of Aimee's list challenges at Artsyville.

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    Daily Paper Prompt #42: Hand-Lettering

    Our guest hostess for this typographical prompt is Teresa Robinson of stargardener's right brain planner. Teresa is adept at using text to provide shape, texture and meaning to her work. I'm in love with Teresa's funky weekly calendar art and the daily bits of inspiration shared at her blog.


    Lettering and personal handwriting are a form of art.

    Creating your own style of lettering via letters cut from junk mail or magazines, books or other printed material is a way to "journal through" kinesthetically as well as add some creative elements to your planners, journals or art.

    {make your way}

    There are limitless combinations {and of course, no rules} when creating letter art. Allow the selection and decision process be a way to abide with your thoughts — and daring yourself with sparkly dares to try something new!


    {types of letters}

    Experiment with your hand-lettering using a broad-tip marker or even a crayon; consider adding ink or paint to letters you print using a word processing program or letters cut and collected from various sources. If you decide you don't like it — paint or collage over it or tear it to bits, and use for something else.


    Daily Paper Prompt #bonus: Haiku

    thousands of nightmares
    evil men darken the sky
    no peace this morning


    Today's prompt is to write a simple haiku. 5-7-5 pattern.

    5 syllables

    7 syllables

    5 syllables

    my younger daughter's index card for july 4th seems appropriate again

    Please feel welcome to create a haiku and post it in the comments. My haiku= simple words that came to my mind when I thought about the moments watching the unthinkable on tv the morning of 9/11/01, the planes flying into the towers, the confusion, the smoke, the sadness.


    Daily Paper Prompt #41: Scraping Paint

    3x5" index cards, acrylics

     The prompt is scraping paint. Paint the page a rainbow of colors with heavy body acrylics or fluid acrylics. Using a palette knife, a dull pencil or a the lid of a pen, scrape a design in the paint. For best results, work fast. If you are workingo on a full page, work in smaller sections or else the paint might be dry by the time you get back to it. You can do this with gesso, scrape marks to create texture, let it dry... and paint on top. Groovy! Another idea is to paint the first layer one color, let it dry for a few minutes, then paint the next layer and scrape. You'll see the first layer of color under your scrapings. One of my favorite techniques! Write your name, your initials, a doodle, a flower, waves, boxes, circles. Endless possibilities.


    Daily Paper Prompt #40: Create a List


    Page called "Things I Know" from my journal swap with Hanna last year.

    This prompt is to create a list, any list! 


    Daily Paper Prompt #39: Paint Lines

    "The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask."
    Jim Morrison

    gouache on an index card

    watercolors in watercolor moleskine journal

    Prompt #39 is a painting prompt. Set up a piece of watercolor paper or drawing paper, watercolor paints, two jars of water, the thinnest round or pointed round brush you have and a paper towel to blot the water. Place a drop of water in each pan of paint or just spray the entire paints with a spritz of water. Dip your brush in water, then blot lightly.

    Dab your brush in one color of paint and "draw" a line with paint.  Play around with your technique until you find a way to paint a line. You might start with shorter lines. You might paint right to left, left to right, or at an angle to the paper. Practice until you find the most comfortable way to paint a line. Don't worry if the paint colors overlap. Just keep working. Try to paint each fluid line without stopping. We are not painting stripes. Just delicate lines. 

    This is line practice, with a brush. If you do not have watercolors available, do this with a pen. Take a thin marker and practice drawing lines that are parallel. Not ruler straight, but parallel. You can only improve if you draw freehand, without a ruler. You can use different colored markers to achieve this sort of effect. 


    Daily Paper Prompt #38: Color Grid

     Today's guest artist is Hanna Andersson, mixed media artist and blogger of all things happy. 

    Art Journaling: Grid Pattern by iHanna

    The prompt for today is a color grid! Use a black marker and draw a simple grid on a page in your Art Journal. Then fill each square with a colour. Use watercolours like I did, or ink, acrylics, pencils or crayons. Only use colours you really like and repeat when you run out of new colours. An additional idea: scan your new pattern and print it to use as wrapping paper or collage fodder.


    Daily Paper Prompt #37: Block Letters

    “I think that is what film and art and music do;
    they can work as a map of sorts for your feelings.”
    Bruce Springsteen

    Today's prompt is to practice drawing block letters. Not just any block style, but starting with a square or rectangle and carving (by drawing) out spots to leave the letter as the negative space. You only draw the lines that give the impression or hint of the letter. You can be as tricky or devious or cryptic as you wish. These fonts are not drawn for readability but for interest and intrigue. Design your own letters, or follow an example you find on the web or a block letter font. 

    Fillmore concert poster from 1966-67 from artist Wes Wilson. Hand-drawn psychedelic art from The Art of the Fillmore: The Poster Series 1966-1971 (Lemke). The collection is described on the jacket as an "intoxicating compendium of the funkiest posters of this century." 

    places i've been, july 2011

    Examples of negative space in logos and fonts at WebUrbanist.


    Daily Paper Prompt #36: Messing Around With Paint

    Today our guest promptress is Natasha White, a mixed media artist from New Zealand who loves to fling paint and search for poetic words.


    Channel your inner Jackson Pollock then go on a word search.

    I did this page in the middle of working on a very left-brained report and I have to say it is one of the most freeing things I have done in a very long time, though I do recommend that you take your work outside so you can really sling and fling paint around without the worry of where the paint will go.

    I diluted my paints with a bit of tar gel and water until it was dripping consistency and then I scooped up some paint with a stick and flung it over the page...put your whole body into it, instant creative bliss. Just play and enjoy yourself, but don't say you weren't warned to do this outside (and wear old clothes!)

    Once the page was how I wanted it I went on a search for words, I used some old books I had but you could use old magazines, pamphlets, whatever you have, look out for phrasings that appeal to you and play with funny pairings. I am always pleasantly surprised at the poems I create using this found words technique.


    Daily Paper Prompt #35: Markers, Pens & Pencils


    Today's prompt is to document the lines that you can make with your artsy pens and pencils. Using a black marker, make a grid or a few rows of boxes and draw sample lines in the box, then note the exact name of the marker, pen or type of pencil. The purpose here is NOT to document the color palette {that's actually DPP #33} but rather the "type" of lines. Thickness, opacity, how much the marker bleeds, etc.

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    Daily Paper Prompt #34: Puzzled

    Do a crossword puzzle, word-find puzzle, sudoku or maze and use it on a piece of art.