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    Daily Paper Prompt #7: Leftovers

    Today's prompt is to use the leftover paint from an art journal page or painting to create abstract art, or photograph the leftovers or the paper that protects your table while you work.

    watercolor and gouache on the watercolor paper that protects my table


    This is a 3x5" index card with diluted heavy body acrylics that had dripped down a canvas, onto a plastic dropcloth, and then pressed onto the index card. The watery painty drips created a translucent effect.

    You can grab the drips of another project, press your paper onto a wet journal page, clean your brush or brayer on a new page and use that for journal fodder on a future page. It's a never-ending circle of paint!

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    Daily Paper Prompt #6: Certification

    “To be yourself in a world that is constantly
    trying to make you something else
    is the greatest accomplishment.”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson


    3x5" index card, slicci pens

    This is my official doodle certificate. I am 100% certain that you don't have to go to a workshop, take a class, be certified by a Fancy Institution to doodle well. Your doodles don't have to be called any fancy names. You do not need a degree in doodling, an art degree or an olympic doodling coach.

    Make yourself a certificate for something you know how to do!

    Certify yourself for anything you wish!

    • Night owl.
    • Manga artist.
    • Index card artist.
    • Audible listener.
    • Beach glass collector.
    • Darn Good Mom.
    • Ipod playlist maker.
    • Knock-Out Rose planter.

    Long Live Free-Range Organic Doodling!

    What's the Daily Paper Prompt?


    Daily Paper Prompt #5: Linear

    “There are times to stay put,
    and what you want will come to you
    and there are times to go out
    into the world and
    find such a thing for yourself.”
    Lemony Snicket

    Draw something with mostly straight lines, as if you were using an etch-a-sketch toy. This is my 12 yr old daughter's etchy creation.


    A mandala with a square theme.

    Linear doodles.

    A maze.

    A grid-inspired art journal page.

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    Daily Paper Prompt #4: Flowers

    “You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.”
    Henry David Thoreau

    The prompt is flowers! Interpret the prompt by including flowers on an index card, loose watercolor paper or art journal page. Today's prompt is to draw, cut, stitch or paint flowers.

    1. Draw flowers in ink. Add color with watercolor, colored pencils or markers.
    2. Cut out flowers and glue or stitch to a page. Draw teeny tiny flowers or ivy so that it "climbs" the edge of an art journal page.
    3. Draw huge flowers that you can write on or cut out and place on yet another page.
    4. Paint flowers!

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    Daily Paper Prompt #3: Drips

    “I was on the verge of something numinous and profound and in one more second the universe was going to crack open and arcana would rain down on my head like grace and all the cosmic mysteries were going to be revealed.”
    Kate Atkinson

    3x5" index card, airbrush acrylics and fluid acrylics thinned with water, drips from top and sides at random


    manilla folder, fluid acrylics, spritz of water

    3x5" index cards, airbrush acrylics, drips from the top, then drips from the side

    3x5" index card, airbrush acrylics, drips from the top, then drips from the side, one spritz with water

    Art journal page. The background was painted with with orange + yellow + black fluid acrylics. Added drips of white fluid acrylics from the left side while holding the book from the left side facing sideways. Wrote words on top of the lines when the paint was fully dry.

    I painted these index cards with heavy body acrylic paint and then dripped paint from the top. Hours later, when the paint was fully dry, I wrote Jackson Browne lyrics on the "lines" made by the drips.

    The prompt is to use drips on your page. You can use fluid acrylics, airbrush acrylics or fluid acrylics thinned with water. Drip paint on the side of your paper or manilla folder and let it roll down. Then drip paint on the adjacent side of the paper and let it roll down. This creates a messy grid. If you spritz with water while the paint is wet, just one little spritz, you get a tie dye effect. 

    There are lots of options for this technique. You could use the grid for an art journal background, write on the dripped lines, doodle in the boxes. Try cutting into book marks or collage fodder.

    What's the Daily Paper Prompt?


    Daily Paper Prompt #2: Windows

    “Nourish your eye and spirit with inspiring things.
    They will bloom with your tending.”


    The prompt today is to cut a window in paper. 

    Using an x-acto knife against a fabric cutting board, cut a window in an index card or cardstock. If you have a rotating blade, try curves or waves. Place the window on top of various backgrounds to see what you like best behind your window. Experiment with paint or pattern on the "frame" and on the area behind the frame. Or cut a window in one page of your journal to see through to the next page. Another way to interpret this prompt would be to draw a window, including the view that you see through the frame.

    What's the Daily Paper Prompt?


    Daily Paper Prompt #1: Paint a Rainbow

    "A Gift for You. A cottage retreat on a hill in Ireland. This cottage is filled with fresh flowers, art supplies, and a double-wide chaise lounge in front of a wood-burning fireplace. There is a cabinet near the front door, where your favorite meals appear, several times a day. Desserts are plentiful and calorie free. The closet is stocked with colorful robes and pajamas, and a painting in the bedroom slides aside to reveal a plasma television screen with every movie you've ever wanted to watch. A wooden mailbox at the end of the lane is filled daily with beguiling invitations to tea parties, horse-and-carriage rides, theatrical performances, and violin concerts. There is no obligation or need to respond. You sleep deeply and peacefully each night, and feel profoundly healthy. This cottage is yours to return to at any time."

    3x5" index card, heavy body acrylics, fluid acrylics

    Paint the page a rainbow of colors. Paint with watercolors, heavy body acrylics or fluid acrylics. Draw a rainbow with Neocolor II wax crayons or water soluble colored pencils and "paint" with water to dissolve. A rainbow could be a stripe of each color of the rainbow in one medium, concentric circles or several rainbows intertwined.

    What's the Daily Paper Prompt?


    ICAD 2014 #61: It's a Wrap!

    "I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities."
    Dr. Seuss

    3x5" index card stitched with all sorts of things including a postage stamp, watercolored papers, fabric, gelatin prints, found text, ephemera.

    news 07
    photo store, near the park exit
    safari photo
    find that location
    vivant, one need not live in France
    posta romana
    you plant
    garnish with lemon twist
    the original


    ICAD 2014 #60

    3x5" index card, sakura glaze pen, gouache


    ICAD 2014 #59a & 59b: More Contour Drawings

    3x5" index cards, ink, gouache

    These girls were drawn while looking at models in advertisements in Vogue. Yesterday's girls were drawn with eyes closed. Quite a different "look and feel" to the work. Gave the girl on the right pale blue eye shadow.

    ICAD(s) #59a&b|61+.


    ICAD 2014 #58a & 58b

    “It had long since come to my attention
    that people of accomplishment rarely
    sat back and let things happen to them.
    They went out and happened to things.”
    Leonardo da Vinci

    3x5" index cards, ink, gouache

    One of the folks in the ICAD group at FB "challenged" us to do a blind contour drawing of ourselves. So I closed my eyes and drew a girl, trying not to lift the pen. I didn't really try to draw myself but rather a girl. The girl on the left has glasses. I painted one with gouache and I love how it turned out - with a bit of depth and playfulness.

    ICAD(s) #58a&b|61.


    ICAD 2014 Guest: TJ

    Today's guest artist is TJ of Studio Mailbox! I started reading TJ's blog years ago when she was an expat living in Germany and sharing her insights and artwork. To learn more about the book below at Studio Mailbox


    ICAD was the perfect reason for me to start up another small daily practice. Summer is so busy but what better way to capture all the little things happening than to get them down onto cards? On and off for many years I have done various things. I love looking back and seeing day by day what unfolds. Since this particular practice is on individual papers I wanted to find a way to put them all together in a collection. Quickly I realized this was another chance for me to practice putting together a flag book.

    If you're not familiar with flag books, they are simply a book that has an accordion as it's spine with the cards consistently tipped into one side or the other of the accordion. When the book is pulled out lengthwise there is a lot of movement and the cards cross over each other and pull out flat. Its like magic! You can also view the book in the traditional sense, paging through it. When it's in retracted mode then one card is face up and one is face down. It's so simple but also totally crazy. There are variations on flag books. Mine here is a simple two row book. Flag books can have many rows, the possibilities are endless.

    It's been so much fun over these last two months hanging out with everybody and seeing all the inspiring things that have come through the newsfeed. A big thanks to Tammy for organizing this fun event that has managed to document my daily ups and downs. Please feel free to come hang out with me on my blog Studio Mailbox or friend me in Facebook. I love keeping up with all you cool peeps who are constantly creating the world around us. Keep up the good work!! xx TJ