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    2014 Reading Challenge

    2014 Reading Challenge
    Tammy has read 0 books toward her goal of 36 books.


    Index-Card-A-Day 2013 #34 {Independence}


    So I went a little crazy with the 4th of July theme for today and made a bunch of cards. I painted them last night with blues and reds and whites and then this morning stitched and collaged some of them. It doesn't show well in the photo but there's mesh fabric with sparkles on top of some of these, from a tiny fairy costume.


    Index-Card-A-Day 2013: Documentation

    As we wave goodbye to the first month and look forward to the second month of the challenge, it is time to absorb what we have accomplished. Whether you have incorporated a new medium into your repetoire or explored a beloved technique to the fullest, it is time to photograph your collection.

    To document.

    {artwork shared with permission}





    Stephanie Estrin




    Please. Document your progress. Photograph your collection. Now, and again at the end. We need to celebrate our creativity and our successes. Our good habits.

    Please add a photograph of your collection to the Flickr group and I'll make a mosaic of all of the photographs!


    Index-Card-A-Day 2013 #33


    3x5" index card, acrylic background, fabric, stitched


    Index-Card-A-Day 2013: Cheryl

    Today's special guest is Cheryl Gee. I met Cheryl when she took The Museum of Simple Things workshop at Daisy Yellow last summer. Here's Cheryl's index card creation for your inspiration.


    3x5 index card, teal blue paper from journal fodder, white card stock, plastic letter stencil, plastic card with round corners for tracing, ruler, ultra thin black Sharpie, colored pencils, glue stick and scissors 

    In Cheryl's words... Last summer I was facing a couple of months away from teaching and I craved a creative outlet. I Googled "best art blogs" and found Daisy Yellow art blog. The day I visited the blog I read about Index Card a Day and Museum of Simple Things. I joined both because I always wanted to learn how to draw and paint in order to enhance my already fantastic paper collages. I've learned so much about art at Daisy Yellow, and am very excited for another summer of Index Card a Day. Being in the ICAD Flickr group is inspiring because you get to see how other artists respond to the prompts for each day as well as share your own work. 

    Check out all of our ICAD guest hostesses: Marit + Hanna + Teresa + Natasha + Cheryl


    Index-Card-A-Day 2013 #32


    3x5" index card, fabric, gelatin prints, colored pencil doodles, found poetry

    Read more about this card, and about perfectionism in If You Want Perfect Work, Get in Line.


    Index-Card-A-Day 2013: The Mid-Point


    A reality check. 31/61 = 50.8%

    For those who wish to create 61 cards and explore this tiny format to the fullest, time to regroup.


    ICAD 2013 Kids: #8 - 30 Part A

    ICAD #8

    ICAD #9

    Click to read more ...


    Index-Card-A-Day 2013 #30 and #31

    index cards #30 and #31

    I stitched these cards about a month ago and now I've added doodles to each individual section.

    Posting these girls together instead of one-a-day.

    Because there are no rules not very many rules, right?