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    Daily Paper Prompt #18: Create an Art Travel Kit 

    “It seemed an advantage to be traveling alone. Our responses to the world are crucially moulded by the company we keep, for we temper our curiosity to fit in with the expectations of others...Being closely observed by a companion can also inhibit our observation of others; then, too, we may become caught up in adjusting ourselves to the companion's questions and remarks, or feel the need to make ourselves seem more normal than is good for our curiosity.”
    ― Alain de Botton

    a sucrets box decorated with washi tape holds tiny ephemera and calligraphy pen nibs

    DPP #18 is to put together a kit to transport the core art materials you would take anywhere you might want to do some journaling. You might carry it along on an impromptu trip to a coffee shop or a weekend at the beach.

    Here are some things that are in my travel kit:

    black gellyroll, slicci pen, white sanford uniball, white gelly roll

    ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener, variety of pencils

    watercolor travel pans*, brush, palette, frisket, frisket brush, waterbrush*

    fiskars scissors, xacto, mini-stapler*

    old gift card, washi tape

    india ink, calligraphy pen, variety of nibs

    mini self-healing cutting mat*

    * not in the photo

    I first made my art box to prepare for a 4-day artful journaling workshop I took in early 2012 and it has really come in handy! I started with an ipad box, a fabulous size for an art box, I might add. I decorated some papers and glued them to the inside of the box. I keep all of this stuff {except the watercolor pans} in this one box and remove the things I don't need. Another handy travel kit is a zip-lok baggie. It is absolutely perfect for carrying lots of markers. I take a baggie of gelly rolls and other pens or a baggie of colored pencils when I plan to work in color rather than black & white. 

    What's the Daily Paper Prompt?


    Daily Paper Prompt #17: Chandelier


    Daily Paper Prompt #16: Dictionary Love

    Our guest artist for the Daily Paper Prompts is Gretchen Miller, who shares her inspirational words and art at her blog Creativity in Motion. Gretchen is also doing a 365 project this year; you can track the progress on her blog.


    A favorite paper item I find lots of inspiration from is using dictionary pages! I find it’s a great way to include words in my art journaling and collage work. I especially enjoy looking up and seeking words surrounding an intention I have for the day or connected to an image I am working on and incorporating the dictionary text into the overall composition of the piece. Words and definitions found on random pages can also inspire image making too if you want to have fun with this!

    I often use words from dictionaries in my current 365 revo’lution project, which focuses on creating small daily art around my intentions for this year. Dictionary bits & pieces from definitions are sometimes added to showcase an affirmation, reminder, or message. Bigger sections of pages can also make a great background! Sometimes I like to highlight words with special meaning on the page through blocking or underlining them with pen or pencil.

    I also enjoy bringing color to dictionary pages through adding watercolor washes, either from a cake palette or concentrated liquid watercolor that I apply with a brush:

    For this DPP, I used the text of a dictionary page on a 4 x 6 size index card as the background, did a watercolor wash overtop, as well as used some distressed ink, paint, and stain around the card’s edges (and a little bit over the watercolor). You can also cut out shapes printed with the words (I love paper hearts!) or add the tiny images that some dictionaries have to illustrate the definitions.

    If you don’t want to damage the original pages from a dictionary, no worries--! You can also just copy dictionary pages to use in your art making! 

    Bio: Gretchen Miller is a Registered Board Certified Art Therapist and who practices in Cleveland, Ohio specializing in youth, women, and families impacted by trauma, domestic violence, and grief & loss. In her own art and creative process, Gretchen enjoys finding inspiration, creating positive energy, and discovering transformation by working in mixed media, collage, altered art, art journaling, as well as organizing art exchanges and creative collaborations. You can learn more about her work, art, and interests on her blog Creativity in Motion.

    What's the Daily Paper Prompt?


    Daily Paper Prompt #15: Words

    Create art comprised mostly of words. You could make a quote the focus of your page, make the page look like a scrabble board or crossword puzzle or use huge alphabet stamps. Another option is to write about your love of words, poetry, another language, reading, etc.


    Daily Paper Prompt #14: Saturated Color

    altered book, fluid acrylics, neocolors

    canvas, fluid acrylics

    canvas, acrylics, collage


    Create art with saturated color. Intense color. Don't hold back. Think vivid.

    Full-strength, over the top, wild color.


    Daily Paper Prompt #13: Grid

     DPP #13 is to paint or draw a grid of colors. Choose a color palette to your liking and color in the squares with colored pencils, pastels, markers, watercolors or acrylics. Add a square on top wth another color if you wish. 

    3x5" gridded index card, Golden fluid acrylics

    3x5" index card, gelly rolls and glaze pens

    3x5" gridded index card, gouache

    9x12" watercolor paper, watercolor

    Get into the rhythm and focus on each line, each square, each brush stroke. Let this be a time of relaxation.

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    Daily Paper Prompt #12: Round

    {more about these pages here}

    Use round or oval stickers as part of a collage, on an art journal page, as the focal point on an index card, within a doodle. An oval or circle can take the place of a square or rectangle in a grid. Look for stickers on fruits and veggies. Or round postage stamps. Or grab pick some stickers from a kid's sticker collection.

     On this index card, I dripped airbrush acrylics {using the process detailed in DPP #3: Drips} after sticking the sticker on the card, and sprayed it lightly with water. Nothing special, just to see what happens. The sticker doesn't absorb any paint.

    What's the Daily Paper Prompt?


    Daily Paper Prompt #11: Ogee Pattern

    watercolor + gouache

    watercolor + gouache

    gelly roll

    gelly roll + neocolors

    Create three different ogee inspired patterns but vary the medium, the color palette, or the design.

    What's the Daily Paper Prompt?


    Daily Paper Prompt #10: Stitch Paper

    “The world doesn't make sense,
    so why should I paint pictures that do?”
    Pablo Picasso

    DPP #10 is to sew paper. You can sew by hand with regular thread or embroidery floss or sew with your sewing machine. You've gotta know by know that I LOVE sewing paper. Here are some examples.

    I sewed this photo to my art journal page with metallic embroidery floss using a sewing machine needle {it was nearby, that is my only excuse} and a modified blanket stitch from my imagination.

    Another photo weirdly blanket stitched with the same thread.

    This little collage was stitched with a sewing machine.

    This is kind of inspired by "Pong" or air hockey where the puck bounces in straight lines from the edges. Machine stitch in a straight line til you get almost to the edge. With the needle in the down position, stop and pivot on the needle to go another direction to ricochet the stitches as you wish.

    A stitched collage on an acrylic background from my 365 Somethings Project.

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    Index-Card-a-Day: Ozge

    We have a special guest today in honor of the index-card-a-day challenge that just wrapped up! I hope that this post will inspire the folks that are working to finish their goal of 61 cards! Our guest is Ozge Basagac, an architect from Turkey who blogs at Izmir Cadisi {Witch of Izmir}. Ozge and I have been corresponding about art since she started doing the Prompt6ix prompts with such dedication!

    I am a professional architect who had never called herself an artist. Yet i always hoped and tried to reserve some time for creating art in my life. I have come across Tammy's blog a year ago. I saw her prompts and decided to try some. I was afraid of "mixed media" and i was afraid of "not being successful" in what i did. And i knew i would not be able to do art on a daily basis. But the beginning of 2013 brought Prompt6ix challenges. They were just the thing i needed: the tasks were fun, they were open to play and you were able to create whatever you liked over a week long period (happy are the people who can be artistic everyday :)

    I made truce with all of my paints and did not miss a single week until the ICAD challenge began in June. Though i was happy to mess with colours and all until now, for ICAD, i chose to use my good old friend sketching. I had index cards that i bought ages ago. I only used a pen with dark blue ink and for only one card i added slight pencil shades and shadows.

    I give graphic communication courses covering free hand sketching and technical drawing in the university. Here are two secrets to let you know: Most people are afraid of drawing. ANYBODY CAN DRAW. Personally i do not believe in talent but practice. The more you draw the better you get.
    So here are my totally imperfect sketches on cards. The lines are shaky, not continuous. My representation is not realistic. (I used a pen to resist my urge to erase my mistakes. It is a part of the process.) But sketching is an abstract process anyway. You just capture the essence of your subject, what is the most specific thing about it, and create a likeness to it.

    All of the sketches were done in the Izmir Museum of Archaeology in Turkey. The griffon is a pattern from a Roman vase and the helmet figure is a perfume bottle. The other two are sculpture parts.

    Check out all of our ICAD guests: 

    Marit + Hanna + TeresaNatasha + Cheryl + Chris + Quinn


    Daily Paper Prompt #9: Games


    Draw a game board or create an art journal page inspired by a board game or card game. This index card is a mix of backgammon and Clue. Consider the patterns on the game board, the rules, the norms, the things people say when they play. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

    Ideas: chess, backgammon, parchesi, ouji, risk, monopoly, mah jong, poker.

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    Daily Paper Prompt #8: Faded


    3x5" index cards, neocolor IIs, gellyroll

    3x5" index card, watercolors 

    Start with a manilla folder, index card or cut a sheet of watercolor paper into 4 pieces.

    The goal is to get this page to look faded. Draw a pattern with caran d'ache neocolor II watersoluble wax crayons, watersoluble crayons or watersoluble colored pencils. Lean the card against something upright that is protected from the water and use a spray bottle to spray water at the paper. Let the water drip down and dissolve and thus fade the color.

    You can also try this with heavy body or fluid acrylics but work fast as acrylics dry quickly. Paint stripes with your fingers, immediately spray the paint and let the water and paint drip down. You'll get an interesting color fade and dreamy drips. Another option {example #3 above} is to dip a brush in water and get just a touch of watercolor paint and then paint the faintest of color on your paper. 

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