I'm Tammy. 

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    Issue #11 of the Daisy Yellow Zine
    Index Card-a-Day runs through July 31st!
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    ICAD 2014 #55

    3x5" index card, acrylics, neocolors


    ICAD 2014 Guest: Sue

    Today's guest index card artist is Sue of Sue's Craft Cupboard. Sue is an enthusiastic contributor to the Daisy Yellow Facebook Group and actively involved in the index-card-a-day challenge. Sue was kind enough to help moderate the group while I was away on vacation.


    Materials used: 3 x 5 index card, acrylic paint - aqua and Payne's Grey, Recycled "found" newspaper text, Reused "found" stamps or mark makers.

    I am well known among friends and family for pontificating about Reuse, Reduce, Recycle so this is what's behind much of my art. I love experimenting with shapes and forms found among my recycling, using these in my arty pursuits, learning about new techniques and just seeing where experimenting takes me and what serendipity happens.

    I was inspired by a quote seen in a Home and Garden magazine - "White clarifies space and accentuates form." So this card (and a series which you can see on my blog) was created by smearing some left over paint on the card and stamping with a bottle top and the bottom of a biscuit packing tray and celebrating the white space.

    I have become calmer and more peaceful in my everyday life, feel constantly inspired, am more experimental, feel like an artist because I create art (even if it's just for me) and I just love the ICAD and Daisy Yellow community that Tammy has created. You've all helped me to grow in so many ways!


    ICAD 2014: Week #9 Prompts

    100% Optional Topical Prompts for Week #9 {the final week} of the 2014 Index-Card-a-Day Challenge!!!

    By now surely you know the drill! Use the prompts if you wish... or not! 













    ICAD 2014 #54: Sideways

    3x5" index card, ink

    As we approach the official "end" date of the 2014 Index-Card-a-Day challenge {which is bittersweet, I know ♥︎}, I congratulate you for your doodles, painterly marks, words, collages and sketches.

    For interpreting the "100% optional" prompts.

    From prisms ➸ Harry Potter ➸ elephants ➸ knots.

    For lugging out old, dusty watercolor paint sets & brushes.

    For investigating {and investing in new-- } art materials.

    For making space for your art.

    Which is really making SPACE for YOURSELF.

    You all rock the world. 


    ICAD 2014 Guest: Gabriele

    Our guest today is Gabriele of the blog Art-a-Tag. Gabriele creates the most marvelous layered collages with intriguing color palettes.


    I like to create these little ICAD collages and I like to create with my Gelli Plate. So this card is a combination of both. The blue print is made on thicker drawing paper, the brown print on deli paper. The wings are stamped on printed deli paper, the lady on newspaper. The words say: Goetz: My novel is really quite hilarious (it was funny that the word "hilarious" was used in a German text). Tammy, thank you so much for having me as a guest artist, you honor me!


    ICAD 2014 #53

    3x5" index card, painted canvas, stitched

    A much simpler version of yesterday's index card. The leaves {or petals} are cut from a canvas painting.


    ICAD 2014 Guest: Hanna

    Today's guest index card artist is Hanna, whose work is playful, happy and full of creativity and color. Hanna created a little video for us!!! And so here we go....

    In the video, you can see how I pick out papers, and without a plan glue them down on the blank canvas of an index card! I go with green and pink, use some washi tape, some tissue paper and a lot of tiny pieces of left over collage material. I really like how the lines of these ordinary index cards peeks through. I think it gives this the perfect "everyday practice look", the mundane transformed, daily life documented on a card... 

    Learn more at Hanna's blog.

    I love collage, what do you love?


    ICAD 2014 #52


    3x5" index card, stitched

    One of the ideas behind the index-card-a-day challenge is to try new things, even if you aren't sure how they'll turn out! So this is one of those experiments. Ingredients include leaves cut from a canvas painting I did a few years ago and lots of text!


    ICAD 2014: Schedule

    Key Posts

    About the prompts
    Pep Talk

    ICAD Post Schedule {Fridays}

    May 30: prompts + themes for weeks 1-2-3
    June 6: prompts
    June 13: prompts
    June 20: prompts + themes for weeks 4-5-6
    June 27: prompts*
    July 3: 7 prompts
    July 11: prompts + themes for weeks 7-8-9
    July 18: prompts
    July 25: prompts {link will work July 25 at 1am CST}

    ICAD Guest Artists

    Guest: Quinn
    Guest: Opal
    Guest: Natasha
    Guest: Mary
    Guest: Gretchen
    Guest: Teresa
    Guest: Betty
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    Guest: Karen
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    Guest: Jana

    ...more to come!

    ICAD Week Numbers {Weeks Start with Sundays}

    Week #1: June 1-7
    Week #2: June 8-14
    Week #3: June 15-21

    Week #4: June 22-28
    Week #5: June 29-July 5*
    Week #6: July 6-12

    Week #7: July 13-19
    Week #8: July 20-26
    Week #9: July 27-31 {5 cards}


    * You are invited to create a card in honor of Independence Day in the states. You can create an "extra" card for July 4th or use your regular ICAD #35 for this purpose. 


    ICAD 2014 #51

    3x5" index card divider, ink, gouache


    ICAD 2014 Guest: Jana

    Our guest post today is Jana of Tangled Pen. Before we get to Jana's elegant artwork, I must apologize. Jana's post was originally going to run the week of Independence Day here in the states and we had worked out a perfect plan well in advance. But then I got overwhelmed with life + vacation + index-card-a-day + therefore this guest post, like the others in the week ahead, have been gathering in my email inbox. I so appreciate these artful contributions and apologize to each artist for the delay!

    So without further ado.... Jana!

    I'm so glad and honored that I was invited again for guest posting here, Tammy! Thank you! As some of you may have already seen, I'm trying to get better with my calligraphy skills and therefore I stress some of my index cards with ink and nib... So I thought a quote from one of our founding fathers, lettered with ink and nib would be very appropriate for Independence Day... I hope you agree!

    I used a multicolored pencil (red, white, and blue - borrowed from my children's supplies) for the background. I didn't know for sure if or how the ink would write on this kind of material. I was afraid the background could be too oily and the ink would not adhere. It was a bit too slick at times and some letter forms are not perfect, but I like the outcome of the card itself - I call this successful experiment :) In this sense, I hope you have fun experimenting when using the index cards, even if some pieces you work on are not turning out the way you imagined. Remember, there are no mistakes in art, but there's always something one can learn from.


    ICAD 2014 Guest: Anne

    Our guest index card artist is Anne of Anne Rehorn's Kreative Seite. Anne created a beautiful garden-inspired index card for today. 

    This is a card that I created to share with you today. I collected flowers and leaves from the garden to weave together. I used Inktense pencils to color the background of the index card and adhered a thick waxed thread to the back of the card so that the strings didn't move. You can find more photos about this card at my site today.