61 Days
June 1 - July 31, 2017

The 7th annual challenge starts June 1, 2017.
while you are waiting
grab a journal or a stack of index cards and start
the Prompt60 Prompts
or the Muse30 Prompts

ICAD Frequently Asked Questions {ICAD FAQ}

Simple materials push you to think in new ways. The challenge is about doing a tiny creative project each day for 61 days. It's not an art challenge and you don't need to be an artist to participate. It's a creative challenge. So you don't have to worry or strategize about the finished product, about composing or preserving or archiving or framing. Just you. And an index card. Every day for 61 days. The FAQ answers every possible question you might have, and more. What size should you use? What's so magical about index cards? You'll find the rules of the challenge and tips for success. And badges. And hashtags. Thousands of creatives participate in the challenge each year, and it's super energizing. Some challengers tell me that it has been life altering. It will positively impact the way that you approach your daily creative practice. You can kick-start a daily practice, refurbish, refresh or just pump up the volume on the art you are already doing. Use ICAD to experiment in a new medium, make flash cards to learn a language, draw cartoons about kangaroos, explore a theme, write 61 haiku poems, play with mixed media collage. The options? Never-ending. 


101+ Ideas for Index Card art

The Index Card Idea Zine is a is a 28 page downloadable ebook with imagery & examples from my collection of handmade 3x5" index card artwork. A brief description of each card and unique, actionable ideas for index card artwork. 


Index-Card-a-Day Kick-Start Guide

The Kick-Start Guide is a 25 page downloadable ebook with index card art, insights and actionable ideas to motivate and support you during the annual ICAD Challenge. A perfect companion to the Index Card Idea Zine. 



This is the index to the annual challenge it serves as a table of contents and links are updated throughout the challenge. This is the spot where you'll find the weekly prompts, the weekly themes, topical links, etc. This post will be updated as the 2017 challenge approaches. 


Ideas for Gathering & celebrating Your Collection

When you get to the challenge finish line, it's time to celebrate your accomplishment and document your collection of tiny works. Photograph them, throw them up in the air, put a rotating collection up on your fridge, make a mobile, turn them into a journal.