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    Art Journaling 101

    How to start an art journal? 

    The type of art journaling that I talk about in Art Journaling 101 is very loose and free and unencumbered by rules. Art journaling is simply doing art in a journal. To make an art journal, you do not need a kit, a coach, a lesson or a guidebook. 

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    Daisy Yellow Zine {Issue #12}

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    Zine #12

     20 pages: ♥ Creative Hesitation ♥ The Magical Spaces: Surprises Within Your Art ♥ Finding the Muse in Your Unfinished Pages {by Patricia Dattoma of Magenta Matters} ♥ Photography & Idea Generation ♥ Tips for Conquering an Art Journal Page, or an Entire Journal ♥ Print & Color Page: Mandala ♥ 6 Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts

    Issues #3 through #12 available
    in the Etsy Shop.

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    Daisy Yellow Zine Cover Index

    ➸ Issues #5 - #12 are available in the Etsy Shop.

    An index to Issues #3-11

    ZINE ISSUE #11 {June 2014}

    18 pages: Find a Boring Spot ♥ Stapled Collage {by paper fanatic Lauren Bergold} ♥ Index Card Love ♥ The Unfinished Journal ♥ Illustrated Flash Fiction ♥ Nurture Creative Habits with a Field Journal ♥ Nine (9) Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts

    ZINE ISSUE #10 {January 2014}

    19 pages: Art Journaling Matters ♥ Pattern-a-Day x 365 [by Anika Starmer of A is for Anika] ♥ The Noticing Journal, an Altered Book Project ♥ Fill in the Blank ♥ Words as {Text}ure ♥ Photographic Prompt ♥ Five (5) Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts ♥ Blogging Tips & Tactics for Creative People

    ZINE ISSUE #9 {October 2013}

    17 pages: Cut & Paste Therapy ♥ What is Your Creative Work-Style? ♥ Make Faux People ♥ Lifeline [by Amy Cowen of The Creative Mom Podcast ♥ Make a Yummy Journal Pie ♥ Layers: Unexpected Juxtapositions ♥ Five (5) Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts ♥ ㊹ Layer Ideas ♥ The Value of Imperfect Work


    ZINE ISSUE #8 {July 2013}

    issue #8

    15 pages of Articles + Inspiration + Art: ♥ Learning a New Medium ♥ When the Page Stops Talking to You {by mixed media artist Natasha White} ♥ Pattern Work-Out ♥ Feed Your Imagination ♥ Embrace Imperfection {by author Rabia Gale} ♥ 7 Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts ♥ Building a Collection of Ephemera and Papers for Collage and Art Journaling ♥ Blogging Topics for Creatives ♥


    issue #7 

    15 pages of Articles + Inspiration + Art: ♥ An Art Journal Page About How I Art Journal ♥ 9 Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts ♥ Rainbow Mapping {mixed media tutorial} ♥ Art Journal List Love ♥ The Path of the Page ♥ What Do You Want to Do? ♥ Creative Prompt: Flowers ♥ Get Out and Draw ♥ Don't Impress the World ♥


    issue #6

    18 pages of Articles + Inspiration + Art: ♥ Mix Your Mediums ♥ 7 Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts ♥ Mapping Creativity ♥ Maximum Red ♥ 11 Daily Creativity Prompts ♥ The Dilemma: What to Write ♥ A Mandala is Like a Snowflake ♥ Print + Color: Mandala ♥ Print + Color: Crazy Doodle ♥ Creative Prompt: Palace


    15 pages of Articles + Inspiration + Art: ♥ Getting it Right ♥ 11 Detailed Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts ♥ Fear Not the Blank Page ♥ Experience a Sense of Place (Silky Hart of Expressive Hart) ♥ Postcards: The Perfect Creative Outlet (Karen Isaacson of I am Rushmore) ♥ What Happens When You Stop Blogging (TJ Goerlitz of Studio Mailbox) ♥ A Sketch Prompt ♥ Be an Art Material Scientist ♥ Creativity - As Easy as Riding a Bike (Quinn McDonald of Quinn Creative) ♥ A Message from the Heart Department {Jeannine Peregrine of Distilled from Stars} ♥

    front page, issue #5


    12 pages of Articles + Inspiration + Art: ♥ Building Your Art Supply Stash {Sensibly} ♥ 14 Kick Start Art Journal {Prompts} ♥ The Year Ahead ♥ Just Start ♥ Unfinished Art Projects ♥ 20 Creative Ideas ♥ 

    front page, issue #4


    11 pages: ♥ The Art of Noticing ♥ A Food-Based Creative Prompt ♥ You Don’t Need a Reason ♥ Paint Chips ♥ 14 Kick Start Your Art Journal {Prompts} ♥ Create a Destination ♥ And it is Wonderful ♥

    front page, issue #3 


     8 pages of Articles + Inspiration + Art: ♥ Creativity 101 {3 creative assignments} ♥ 26 Reasons to Draw ♥ In The Beginning ♥ Creative Sparks {prompts} ♥ The Benefits of Creative Constraints ♥ Using Pockets of Time ♥ Artistic Style Evolution ♥

    front page, issue #2


    8 pages of Articles + Inspiration + Art: ♥ Rules for Art Journaling? ♥ Creative Sparks ♥ Using Stamps in Your Journal ♥ 42 Creative Things in 30 Min ♥ The Empty Page {Prompts} ♥ Finding the Time

    front page, issue #1


    Art Journaling 102: Materials

    All about materials that you can use in your art journals, with thoughts on the materials I like best!

    This is a companion post to Art Journaling 101.

    Paper + Journals

    Loose paper vs. Bound Journal. You can work on loose paper and bind it together later using book-binding techniques {fun to learn} or simply store in a large box. I started art journaling and doodling in a Strathmore wire-bound pad. Loose paper is a wonderful way to start because you can play without committing to any particular journal. If you adore the idea of working in a journal, there are a lot of great bound journals available. A standard writing journal will have thin paper which will NOT hold up to mixed media work or even wet media like watercolor or acrylics. So you'll want paper made for art. Or go the other direction and use an old book and prepare the surface for your art!

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    Art Journal Prompt Cards!

    Mix things up, take them apart, revamp, revise, reconfigure. 

    Here's Pack #102. The cards inside? Olive, Path, M&M's, Japan, Blue. 

    There are over 100 prompt cards available in my Etsy Shop!

    Pack #04: Cards inside? Mango, Cartoon, Joy, Birdhouse, Atlas. 

    There are 100+ unique prompt cards currently available.

    The cards are all about playing BINGO; the name is the word or phrase in cell B1. You pick your five-phrase prompt. Create your creative prompt by putting the numbers ONE TWO THREE FOUR and FIVE in random order. If that's 4-5-2-1-3 then your prompt is B4 - I5 - N2 - G-1 O3. Find the words that are in those cells and that's your random prompt!

    The newest designs {August 2014}: Packs #01 through #04.
    The original designs {pre-August 2014}: Packs #101 through #112. 

    Cards are available in the Etsy shop.

    The words and phrases are designed to work in harmony and to spark something creative in your art journal.


    Art Journaling for Kids + Teens

    "The artist must possess
    the courageous soul
    that dares and defies."
    Kate Chopin

    "stories," my younger daughter created this 9x12" art journal page when she was 8
    loose watercolor paper, neocolors + water

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