Hi! I'm Tammy. I'm a self-taught artist and I work in a lot of different mediums in an unstructured fashion... this space is about my creative experiments in art journaling, doodling, drawing patterns & mandalas, painting and sewing paper. You'll find lots of creative prompts, a Zine, prompt cards, interviews, tutorials and... well you might need to put your feet up and grab a cappuccino before jumping in. I've been doing art since 2007 and blogging since 2008.

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Creative Inspiration
Daisy Yellow Zine
Creative Prompt Cards

Prompts & Challenges
Prompt60 Art Journal Prompts
67 Daily Paper Prompts

Intro to Art Journaling
Art Journaling 101: Intro
Art Journaling 102: Art Materials
Art Journaling for Kids + Teens

Videos & Tutorials
Art Journaling Tangents

Index-Card-a-Day Challenge {ICAD} runs annually June 1 - July 31. The goal is to create art on one index card per day for 61 days. The next challenge begins June 1, 2016. This challenge began in 2011. Details: ICAD FAQ.

Book Suggestions
2015 List of Books

Check out the workshop page to see video peeks and register for an online workshop! I'm currently teaching Tiny Museum, Watercolor Playground, Painted Paper Paradise and Crossroads.

Several of my art journal pages are published in Dawn DeVries Sokol's book A World of Artist Journal Pages: 1000+ Artworks | 230 Artists | 30 Countries. {April 2015}. 

Featuring Magazine, a print magazine published in Amsterdam
Issue #4: Article about creative inspiration {2013}
Issue #2: Featured Blogger {2012}

Create Mixed Media series about art journal inspiration
Do Something Creative, Anything {2015}
Allow Space for Journaling {2015}
The Value of Creative Prompts {2014}
Bold Pattern Play Video Tutorial {2014}
Open Up Your Journal and Play {2013}
Get More You Into Your Art Journal {2013}
The Unplanned Journal Page {2013}

Interviewed Here
Dirty Footprints Studio; 21 Secrets Conversations with Connie Solera {August 2015}
Unpublished interview from A World of Artist Journal Pages with Dawn DeVries Sokol. {April 2015}
Creative Living Podcast with Jamie Ridler {2014}
Podcast #1 and podcast #2 and podcast #3 and podcast #4 with RicĂ« Freeman-Zachary {2012}
Dawn DeVries Sokol at Create Mixed Media {2011}
Eden of Draw, Doodle + Decorate {2010}

Artists I've Interviewed
An Interview with Marit Barentsen
An Interview with Natasha White
An Interview with Amy Cowen
An Interview with Diana Trout


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